Leon is back on the road again. After years of pastoring the Rock House Church in Long Beach, CA, God called him back to evangelize. In his trips to Italy, Hawaii, Washington and Alaska, people were inspired, marriages on the verge of breaking have been repaired and most of all, many souls, saved.

He recently spoke and sang at a Singles’ retreat in Northern California. He even taught them dance steps and everyone was thrilled to have him that they are planning to do it again in March of 2011. He has also started ministering at Presbyterian Churches and as Pastor Bill of the First Presbyterian Church of Coeur D’Alene said, Leon not only inspired but transformed his people.

Pastor Keith Manley from Grace Family Church said that Leon is not only encouraging but he also has the gift of joy!

A lot of his fans are thankful that his legendary albums like Dance Children Dance, Don’t Give In, The Sky is the Limit, Live Experience and I’ll Never Stop Lovin’ You, are now available onCD. Many have emailed and requested that the LPs be 

re-mastered so they can hear the songs that they listened to when they were baby Christians or when they were going thru some challenges in their lives. His fans say that the songs make them fall in love with Jesus all over again.

If your church needs a special spiritual injection for the Holidays or special celebration, please contact us.

Go to Leon’s Tour Schedule and check his dates to see if he is in your area and take the time to meet him personally while he is there.


Would you like to fellowship with Leon during the week? Be a LifeChanger! As part of his goal to maintain a community while he’s on the road, Leon leads the LifeChangers’ Fellowship on the phone every Monday from 7:00-7:30 am PST. All you have to do is call 218-339-4300 and use the access code 1063930#.

Leon plans to have LifeChangers all over the country. This C.L.U.B. will become a catalyst that will cause a revival in the Christian community to finally position us where we are supposed to be—the head and not the tail—ESPECIALLY at a time such as this. “Let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven” – Matthew 5:16

He has a team of pastors, leaders and individuals who are actively involved in changing and making an impact on other people’s lives thru this project.

If you want to  join us and be a LifeChanger in your area, email us at renee@leonpatillo.org or call Renee at 562-489-6052 for more details.

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